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Stuart Hollimon Serves 

Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth


The job of a mediator is to facilitate settlement negotiations between the parties and thereby assist them in reaching a negotiated resolution of their dispute. The ideal mediator for an oil and gas case is one who knows the law that controls the dispute, understands the risks presented by the case for each side, and utilizes his knowledge of the industry to help the parties reach a business solution to their lawsuit. Stuart Hollimon brings these critical elements to the mediation table. Here are some examples of oil and gas disputes where Mr. Hollimon has served as the Mediator.

  • Title dispute concerning producing tract arising from disagreement regarding boundary location

  • Lessee claim for rescission of lease and refund of bonus based on lessor’s alleged breach of warranty of title

  • Claim for misappropriation of confidential information relating to prospective acreage

  • Claim for underpayment of royalty on production from Relinquishment Act lands

  • Claim for breach of area of mutual interest agreement

  • Claim for breach of Farmout Agreement based on farmee’s failure to timely commence drilling of earning well and defense of force majeure

  • Claims for termination of leases due to cessation of production in paying quantities

  • Claim by non-operating working interest owner of no liability for cost of deepening proposed well, fishing operation that ensued after the drill pipe became stuck and unsuccessful sidetracking of the well

  • Action to remove operator for failure to perform under joint operating agreements, various Texas statutes, and Railroad Commission regulations

  • Action for underpayment of royalty and damages based on alleged operator misconduct

  • Claim by landowner for surface trespass resulting from lessee’s salt water disposal operation

  • Claim that producer breached consulting agreement with geologist by failing to assign working interests in prospects acquired by producer based on geologist’s evaluations

  • Claim for underpayment of royalty based on improper deduction of post-production costs


People choose to arbitrate an oil and gas dispute because it involves a unique and complex area of the law and they want their dispute decided by individuals who are knowledgeable about oil and gas law and the industry and have had experience with the issues at hand. As a recognized expert in oil and gas law, and a 40 year specialist in oil and gas litigation, Stuart Hollimon is able to immediately grasp the issues involved in an oil and gas dispute and understand the interests at stake. Here are some examples of oil and gas disputes where Mr. Hollimon has served as an Arbitrator.

  • Claim by gas gatherer that producer breached gathering agreement by delivering out-of-spec gas and by causing gas imbalances and counterclaim by producer that gatherer charged unauthorized compression fees

  • Claim under Plant Bypass Agreement as applied to gas produced from Federal offshore leases and gathered to onshore gas processing plant

  • Claim for breach of Water Agreement under which operator was permitted to transport water across claimant’s land for a tariff

  • Dispute concerning whether gas delivered by claimant to respondent’s refinery was purchased gas or respondent’s storage gas withdrawn from claimant’s gas storage facility

  • Dispute concerning calculation of overriding royalty burden on leases in the Marcellus Shale Trend of Pennsylvania

  • Dispute regarding right to become operator of producing wells and leases under Exploitation Agreement entered into by the parties’ predecessors in interest

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